Welcome to Mieces PlayGround

Hi, I'd like to personally welcome you to the MPG website and game servers. On this website you'll find all kinds of info related to the MPG servers and clan.

Eventually, I will have everything available in the Downloads section. Images and Videos will be accumulated over time. The Monthly Drawing will start very, very soon! The Events section will tell of any special things going on within the clan or servers. Tutorials will be made soon as well and will range from topics of gameplay and tips to server hosting and even website design.

Our servers are provided as a place for those who enjoy a fun, relaxing and stress-free environment to play in. Please follow the few rules I have for the game servers as they are there to keep this enviroment consistant for everyone. I also try to provide as many maps and game modes as possible (within my limits of course) to have a wide variety of choices.

If anyone has a problem with another player on the MPG servers or the servers themselves... or if you have a suggestion, comment or just want to share something with the group or with me then please feel free to post about them on the Mieces PlayGround Steam Group or add [:MPG:]Mieces and tell me directly. Thanks!

~ Mieces
[:MPG:] Founder & Owner