[:MPG:] - Mieces PlayGround is a Killing Floor based Community Group that provides a fun, relaxing, stress-free environment on all our servers.

We do NOT allow the following:

  • Trolling.
  • Harassment.
  • Constant Use of Voice Chat.
    (It dims game sounds for many players that have it set.)
  • Rudeness
    (Including: name calling, putdowns, nasty/derogatory remarks, racism, sexual conversations, etc.)
  • Long Controversial Topics In-Game that aren't related to the game or MPG.
  • Cheating and Glitching to a MINOR extent.
  • Blocking Players where they can get killed or cannot reach the trader quickly.
  • Stealing Other Players' Weapons and not giving them back without permission.
  • Kicking for Friends-Only Games, Being Low Level Perks, or To Gain ANY Achievements.
    (If we provide an achievement or private server, it will be labeled as such.)

More details about all our server rules are provided on the Rules page.

Currently, we do not run as a "clan", but may open it up as one in the near future.

All our listed Admins are required to wear the [:MPG:] tag at all times.

If you encounter any problems listed above with any players on the servers, please report them on the MPG Steam Group, Forums, or Message an Admin directly on Steam with as much info as possible on the situation. Reporting during the event makes it easier for us to catch them in the act. So please let us know ASAP.